CyberSecurity Situational Awareness Solution Provider

3D Geospatial Solution

Secondary Supplier of Networkig and IT Equipment

NoSQL Database for Enterprise Solution

Logistic ERP Solution

HR Management Software and Payroll Outsourcing Services

Cloud Computing Services

Identity Verification and Fraud Detection Provider

Award Winning Fintech Solution

Advance Custom Application Solution

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Innovative Solution

Core Management 
Payroll Management 
Time Attendance Management 
Employee Self Service (ESS & MSS)
Mobile HRMS App
Mobile Geofencing App
Talent Management

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Realtime Situational Awareness



Fusion of Real Time Sensor Data

Integration With Existing System

Adapt With Latest Technology

Based on Client Needs

Unlimited Data Processing

User Defined Algorithms

Visualization of a Situation for Timely Decision Making




Privileged Access Security

Privileged Access Security (PAS) protects access to your most valuable shared applications, services and devices.
PAS looks beyond traditional “Privileged Access Management (PAM)” which protects and manages administrator or supervisor accounts. For the modern enterprise, PAS builds on this governance to streamline administrator workloads, securely automate business and IT processes, and removes risky local administrator accounts from endpoints.

Enhanced Network Management

Faster Spare Parts  |  End-of-Life Equipment  |  Asset Recovery

PLURIUM Technologies is a secondary supplier of networking and IT equipment.  The company supports Operators and Service Providers in supplying equipment and spare parts faster, while generating significant savings.


We take pride in supplying a wide selection of equipment at the lowest prices, both new and refurbished. And with end-of-life products in stock from multiple vendors, we help to cut down the costs of legacy network, and improve quality of service. We also offer hassle-free and cash-positive hardware disposal solutions.

Principals & Partners

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