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PLURIUM Technologies is a secondary supplier of networking and IT equipment.

The company supports Operators and Service Providers in supplying equipment and spare parts faster, while generating significant savings.

We take pride in supplying a wide selection of equipment at the lowest prices, both new and refurbished. And with end-of-life products in stock from multiple vendors, we help to cut down the costs of legacy network and improve quality of service.

We also offer hassle-free and cash-positive hardware disposal solutions.


PLURIUM Technologies is your ideal partner if you look for alternative solutions for your network infrastructure management:

  • Up to 90% savings on hardware from all major brands

  • Parts ready to ship, including discontinued products

  • Cheaper maintenance for your legacy network

  • Cutting down costs of Managed Services for your business customers

  • Smoother network operations, reduced downtime, improved quality of service

  • Hardware disposal, cash positive buyback

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