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Enterprise Field Service Management Solution

FSM Global Technologies is a leading technology company engaged in providing a wide range of Field Service Automation Solutions to companies across industries. Our suite of offerings enables companies to harness the power of next generation technology to improve productivity, boost profitability with greater predictability and connectivity

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Business Application Implementation

Ramco Systems based on its extensive product development experience

abstracted the entire software development process into a Model Based Software Development methodology.

 Ramco VirtualWorks® (our PaaS platform) implements this development methodology supported by a comprehensive Software Meta model that captures all the data that

is required to generate and deliver solutions in multiple technology platforms.

3D Geospatial Software


Through the clever integration of LuciadLightspeed licences, training materials and product support, Dexata’s Horus Live Analytics engine takes a step in a next-generational direction.

Find out how Dexata managed to develop a fully functioning application in 7 days using Luciad's Lucy by filling out the form.

Develop. Deliver. Together.

Enhanced Network Management

Faster Spare Parts  |  End-of-Life Equipment  |  Asset Recovery

PLURIUM Technologies is a secondary supplier of networking and IT equipment.  The company supports Operators and Service Providers in supplying equipment and spare parts faster, while generating significant savings.


We take pride in supplying a wide selection of equipment at the lowest prices, both new and refurbished. And with end-of-life products in stock from multiple vendors, we help to cut down the costs of legacy network, and improve quality of service. We also offer hassle-free and cash-positive hardware disposal solutions.

Principals & Partners

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