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NOW18: Next-Gen Monitoring for Cisco ACI Environments (APJ)

To survive in today’s market, organizations must be able to adapt quickly. Striving to increase their business agility, CSPs, MSPs and enterprises are turning to software-defined networking (SDN) solutions like Cisco ACI. But virtualized networks bring a new set of challenges, such as managing both the legacy and new environments during transitions. Handling these challenges requires a more automated, flexible, and scalable approach to network monitoring and management. In this webinar, experts from SevOne will discuss Cisco ACI’s advantages, and how to maximize them using the SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution for Cisco ACI.

May 23rd | 09:30am (Jakarta) / 12:30pm (Sydney)

Danny Smolders

General Manager APJ SevOne

Brian Promes

Vice President of Solution & Product Marketing SevOne

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