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OutSystems Platform


Low-code platforms is a term coined by independent analyst, Forrester Research, and covered in detail in two Forrester Wave™ reports. According to Forrester's definition:

"Low-Code Platforms enable rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment."

Leading low-code platforms provide a comprehensive set of functionality that includes:

  • Visual modeling of business logic and workflows, with the ability to extend with custom code

  • Visual definition of data models and integration components

  • Drag-and-drop implementation of modern user interfaces for multiple devices

  • Application change and life-cycle management

With OutSystems, it’s easy to extend your applications with your own custom code. And, because OutSystems is an open, standards-based platform with no lock-in, no proprietary data models, or proprietary run-time, you can count on worry-free, future-proof implementations.


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